Engine Mount Kit with rear engine bracket For F or H series engine into 92-95 Civic/94-97 del sol/94-01 Integra

Mount kit to mount the 94-97 Prelude H22 and H23 into 92-95 Civic. This kit is for use with the 94-97 Prelude manual transmissions.

It will also work with JDM DOHC F20 and F22 from the 90-93 Accord and 94-97 Prelude. It can be used with most other JDM DOHC F-series engines from the Accord with the correct 94-97 DOHC block bracket. Can also be used with the 90-97 SOHC F-series engines with the 90-93 Accord block bracket. Some 94-97 Accord manual transmission can be used with modification to the transmission.

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in